A Pico-8 story: How the fantasy console unlocked Frédéric Souchu’s dreams

Pico-8 and the retro-gaming trend

Megaman (1987) running sequence in only 3 frames
The Pico-8 — Fantasy console — and some virtual cartridges

Fred, the computer hobbyist

TILT Microloisirs — 1982–1994 — The reference for any micro-computer enthusiast in the 80s
Eric Chahi is the creator of Another World (1991 — Amiga, Atari ST)

Freds72, the Pico-8 enthusiast

The Pico-8 all-in-one creation tool interface

The learning curve

Thunder Blade, Attack of the Death Star and Tiny Sim on Pico-8
Snow! — the first original game from Freds72

Pushing the limits

The Virtua Racing Demake by Freds72 on the Pico-8 is breathtaking
Poom, the upcoming Pico-8 demake of Doom by Freds72 and Paranoid Cactus
Doom (left), Poom (right) Redesigned by Paranoid Cactus with the Pico-8 color palette

The next episode

Frédéric Souchu enjoying a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter cockpit

Freds72 in a nutshell

Pico-8 resources

Some other cool Pico-8 creators:

Some links to learn more:



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