Receiver 2: I’ve Been Brainwashed, and I’m Grateful for That

A very late review of an amazing and quite disturbing game I have been obsessed with for the last 6 months.

A Long Process

The Receiver 2 level-design recipe: construction sites and empty condos

The Paramount to your Survival

One of the typical semi-automatic malfunction with the M1911
Find the tapes, and listen carefully to fight the Threat.

The Hypnotizing Tapes

Some magazines are faulty. Get rid of it.
Revolvers have only 6 shots, but they are reliable

This is Brainwash

The Desert Eagle is a beast, as always

For Responsible Gun Owners

Avoid the spotlight, and shoot at the weak points

The Attention to Details

A drone, destroyed with a Sig Sauer P226
Emptying a Smith & Wesson cylinder in “The Compound”
Reloading a Beretta M9 while visiting a museum

Now What

You are not the protagonist. The guns are.



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